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Except where noted otherwise, this site contains the complete content (text and images) of the works listed below, but not non-content (title page, copyright page, index, advertisements, etc.). I have marked as (partial) copies that do not consist of the entire content of the work. I may add more of these works in the future; please check back later for updates. Copies containing all of the work including the non-content mentioned above are marked as (entirely complete).


Bone, P. Turner, When the Steel Went Through
reminiscences of his work on the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It makes an interesting contrast with Morley Roberts' The Western Avernus. Unlike Roberts, being a professional, Bone's work was often more to be found in the background and is not written about as much. Also unlike Roberts, Bone wrote around 60 years after the building of the C.P.R., when he was around 85 years old.
Charlesworth, Hector, The Canadian Scene (Toronto: The MacMillan Company of Canada Limited, 1927).
This book is a collection of articles that the author had written for Saturday Night and other publications. The first four articles are about people who played pivotal roles in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway (partial):
Fabius, 52 Questions on the Nationalization of Canadian Railways (1918).
A short anonymous work written in opposition to railway nationalization (the author's viewpoint is summarized in the introduction, which is entitled "In The First Place"). The author's style, which makes significant use of parables, is somewhat unique.
Gibbon, John Murray, Steel of Empire
(partial text)
Grant. W. L., Ontario High School History of Canada (Toronto: The T. Eaton Co. Limited, 1915).
(partial text)
Howey, Florence. Pioneering on the C.P.R. (1938)
Jackman, W. T., M.A., Economic Principles of Transportation (Toronto: The University of Toronto Press, 1935).
A large, scholarly tome (nearly 900 large pages, no illustrations). Much of the work treats railway rates. There are also some chapters on railways in general, shipping, and trucking. Partial text:
Macnaughton, John, Lord Strathcona (London and Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1928).
A biography of Donald A. Smith, who became Lord Strathcona. A very beautifully written book; however, its long sentences, enormous vocabularly and allusions potentially unfamiliar to modern readers may make the work hard to read at times. Written after those of Beckles Willson and W. T. R. Preston, the author asserts that those authors' biographies are unrealistic, and finds a middle ground between the two.
Morris, Keith, The Story of the Canadian Pacific Railway
(entirely complete)
Needler, G. H. (1866–1962), Colonel Anthony van Egmond (Toronto: Burns & MacEachern, 1956).
Roberts, Morley, The Western Avernus
Hanna, D. B. Trains of Recollection (Partial text:)
Leacock, Stephen. Canada: The Foundations of its Future (Partial text:)
Miln, James (ed.) Official Automotive Road Guide of Canada: 1917 (Partial text:)
Secretan, J. H. E., Canada's Great Highway
Skelton, Oscar, The Railway Builders
This not-overly-long (slightly over 200 small pages printed) but widely cited work may well be the definitive short work on Canadian railways prior to World War I. The fold-out maps are also of interest.
Wightman, F. A., Our Canadian Heritage
Partial text:
Williams, Archibald, The Romance of Modern Locomotion (London, England: Seeley & Co., 1910).
The two chapters concerning the Canadian Pacific Railway contain a significant amount of errors; I'm not sure whether these errors represent a vague knowledge of Canada among the English in general 100 years ago, or just a sloppy author. (partial):
Young, C. R., H. A. Innis and J. H. Dales. Engineering and Society. (Toronto: The University of Toronto Press, 1910).