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L. E. & N. and Our Neighbors

How Contemporaries View the New Road and its Stations

Waterford Star: We understand a petition is being circulated in town for presentation to the L. E. & N. officials to have the new station changed to Bunker Hill. As the station is practically ready for occupancy it don't seem reasonable that the change would be made, although we are informed the railway station has not yet given consent. Arguments being made in favor of the change are that the town and township would save one cost of constructing a road, sidewalk and electric light line; the present site is in the woods at the end of a lane, while the Bunker's Hill site is on a public highway and the road, sidewalk and electric light line already built. The L. E. & N. no doubt built on the south side because it was nearer town. If the station remains where it is no doubt the matter of constructing a sidewalk and road will come before the councils early in the year. The work is variously estimated at from $1000 to $2000. Will the township council be willing to do this work? If they are not willing could they be forced to do it? These are questions we have never heard discussed. The Star refers to them because they will be live topics within the next few weeks.

Port Dover Maple Leaf: Early in the week some nine officials of this road came to Port Dover in a passenger car which was run as close as possible to the G. T. R. track, where they alighted and walked down that track in a leisurely way, and then retreated to their car, after which the car returned to Brantford. On Monday a gang of men were set to work constructing a switch to unite the two tracks. The poles and wires are now being set up between Galt and Brantford and from Brantford down in this direction. Just when the workmen will reach here is uncertain. The new station at Simcoe is nearly completed. It is rumored that this road will fill up a portion of the marsh, if not the whole of it, and lay a track down in the rear of the G. T. R. station and build a platform there for their temporary station, which will be used until such time as it may be decided on as to just where they will find a suitable and convenient location for a permanent one. This statement, however, is only a rumor and may not be true.

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