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Local Happenings

The roof of the new freight shed is about completed. It will be a great convenience to shippers when the shed is completed. At present they have to load into the cars.


The Lake Erie & Northern Railway is making good progress on its southern line to Port Dover. At present there are three gangs of construction men working new Oakland on the grading and they are covering a great deal of ground.


Time Has Been Shortened.

Heretofore the railroads have for Thanksgiving, as well as all other holidays, announced single fare for the round trip, good from one to three days after the holiday. This year single fare tickets were good only going and returning on the holiday.

For tickets good one, two or three days prior to Thanksgiving and returning one or two days following, the companies charged single fare plus one-third.

This arrangement will likely be put in force on Christmas, New Year's and other holidays.

Nearly Suffocated in Tunnel

Hamilton, Oct. 17.—Joseph Boyle, engineer, and James Southern, his fireman, in charge of a heavy T. H. & B. freight train which was stalled in the Hunter street tunnel shortly after noon yesterday were nearly suffocated. When the train stopped Boyle threw the throttle wide open and in a few minutes the throttle filled with suffocating smoke. The two men were just able to stagger to the mouth of the tunnel and were carried to the round house nearby. Both will recover.


A Bad Smash-Up Near Caledonia.

In a serious wreck which occurred near Caledonia Station last night the Grand Trunk Railway line between Hamilton and St. Thomas was blocked and the service was disturbed at the Brantford end. The train consisted of four passenger coaches, and two engines, all of which were thrown from the tracks. Two of the passenger coaches were badly damaged.

At the time of the accident the train was travelling at a speed of about twenty miles an hour. When it neared the station the spring in the front engine broke, throwing the drive wheels from the rails. The engine following jumped the tracks, pulling the baggage car and four passenger coaches with it. The roadbed was torn up for some distance before the train could be brought to a stop.

The leading passenger coaches were thrown across the tracks, one of them toppling on its side, while another was partially wrenched from its trucks. Fortunately, no person was injured. Word of the accident was immediately sent to Hamilton, and an auxiliary train despatched to the scene.

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