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Progress is Being made on L. E. & N.

Expositor—Splendid progress is being made on the construction work of the Lake Erie & Northern railway which was recently taken over by the C. P. R. and which will be completed and electrified by the company. Between Brantford and Galt, where the line is expected to be ready for operation in November, the poles have been already placed in position thru the entire length of the line. The roadbed throughout has been ballasted and the line straightened. A retaining wall at the Galt end, which was uncompleted a short time ago, has now been finished, and the construction gangs of Johnson Bros. contractors, have now finished their work and left the line. It is not known how soon the work of installing the overhead equipment will be commenced but it is known that much of the material is now in readiness.

It is also stated on good authority that plans have been completed for a suitable station for the L. E. & N., in Brantford, which it is understood will be on the easterly side of Lorne Bridge Jubilee Terrace. No details could be secured in the city this morning of the nature or extent of the company's plans in regard to this building, but it is understood that the station will be a modern and commodious structure.

On the southerly end of the line between Brantford and Port Dover, the progress has not been so rapid. The ballasting has been completed throughout the entire length of the line, although the work was delayed for a few days on account of a minor change in the right-of-way near Port Dover. This change is now being finished, and the task of lining and cleaning up of the roadbed will then be undertaken. So far is known none of the overhead structure has yet been delivered here, although everything is in readiness for its immediate installation. The bridge crossing the Grand River at Brantford is also progressing rapidly. One of the heavy girders was placed in position this morning and a second was located at at noon to-day. Although it is not known definitely how much more time will be required to complete the structure, it is assured that the completion of the bridge will not be the cause of delaying the date of opening the southern branch to Port Dover, which is scheduled for January 1st.

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