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L. E. & N. Will Run in October

Galt, July 7—Following the announcement from Brantford that the C. P. R. owners of the Lake Erie & Northern railway would purchase the Grand Valley railway from the Paris dam to Galt, Mr. M. N. Todd general manager of the G. P. & H. and the L. E. & N. confirmed the report, which means the electrification of the Lake Erie & Northern Railway from Galt to Port Dover.

Work on the completion of the line will be rushed along, and this morning a construction gang started work from Galt and will work southward. By the time Brantford is reached it is expected work on the road bed between Brantford and Port Dover will be sufficiently completed to allow the line construction gang to continue it work to the Port. The overhead equipment will be what is known as catenary construction. The messenger wire will be of aluminu mcable , steel reinforced, and from this will be suspended the steel trolley wire. No copper will be used on the line.

Mr. Todd announced that the contracts for the electrification of the L. E. & N. from Galt to Brantford had been let in May last. The equipment is all of special character and a delivery could not be expected in less than five months. It is expected it will be towards the end of autumn before the line is in operation. A strong effort will be made to have the part of the line between Galt and Brantford in operation by October and by the end of November to have the cars running through to Port Dover.

The track distance from Galt to Brantford is 22 miles, and while Mr. Todd did not say so it is believed there will be an hourly service to Brantford and a two hour service to Port Dover.

The amalgamation of the L. E. & N. and the G. P. & H. street railways is possible, since Mr. Todd occupies the position of head of both railways.

Eight passenger cars, six feet longer and six inches wider than those now in use on the G. P. & H. have been ordered from the Preston Car and Coach Company, and it is said they will be the finest electric cars in use in Canada. The 60-ton electric freight motors have been ordered from the Canadian Westinghouse Company. The contracts for the power substations, which will be located at Galt, Brantford and Simcoe, have been awarded to the Canadian General Electric Company. The G. P. and H. street railway was the first in Canada to be operated in Canada by hydroelectricity, and it is altogether likely the same motive power will be used to operate the L. E. & N.

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