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Will Use T., H. & B.

From what can be learned of the intentions of the Lake Erie & Northern Railway heads, it is announced from a reliable source that the railway will not be built from Brantford to Waterford. It is said in explanation that the interest of the C.P.R. in the three roads, Lake Erie & Northern, T., H. & B. and M.C.R., is such that it will not be necessary to duplicate the present railway line between Brantford and Waterford. Consequently nothing is being done in the way of construction work on the part of the road. In this event it is not unlikely that the T. H. & B. station will be used as a union depot, which was urged by the civic representatives before the Dominion Railway Board this week at Hamilton as an alternative to the construction of a depot in the Homedale. The road, however, between Port Dover and Waterford will be rushed to completion. Moreover, it seems a sure thing that it will be operated by steam and not by electricity.

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