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Local Happenings

The town is preparing to erect an electric light line to the L. E. & N. station. The cars from both ways stop at Bunker Hill and as a consequence many prefer to get off there and walk down Mechanic St.


For the first time in the history of the Canadian division of the Michigan Central Railway Company, Chinamen have been engaged as laborers. One hundred Chinese laborers will be employed this week in laying rails and ballast work between Kingsmill and La Salette on the eastern portion of the division.


We understand the L. E. & N. has averaged about 400 passengers per day.

Mr. B. G. Campbell has been appointed agent at the new L. E. & N. station in this place. Both passenger and express service are open to the public and it is expected freight will be carried soon.


L. E. & N. Time Table

South bound cars leave Waterford as follows: 8.28 a.m., 10.28 a.m., 12.28 p.m., 2.28 p.m., 4.28 p.m., 6.28 p.m., 8.28 p.m., 10.28 p.m. North bound cars 7.25 a.m., 9.25 a.m., 11.25 a.m., 1.25 p.m., 3.25 p.m., 5.25 p.m., 7.25 p.m., 9.25 p.m. The run from Waterford to Simcoe is made in fourteen minutes and to Brantford in twenty-eight minutes. Cars now stop at Bunker Hill crossing.

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