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Local Happenings

The L. E. & N. is now running every two hours. The return fare to Brantford is 65c and to Simcoe 35c. South bound cars leave here about half after the ever hour, and north bound about half after the odd hour.


Who Pays?

The L. E. & N. is now running. Their station is built in Green's woods west of the town with no sidewalk or good road leading to it or electric lights. The Company owns a portion of the right of way, part is in the Township and part in the Village. The question is, who is going to pay the shot for this necessary expenditure. Not even one month should be allowed to pass before the work is started. The Star favoured the north side for the site for the station. There are roads leading from three ways, side walks and electric lights. But that's ancient history now. The station is located and a quick move should be made to have a respectable approach to it.


L. E. & N. Running on Schedule

Brantford, May 29—The Lake Erie & Northern Railway line from Brantford to Port Dover was informally opened yesterday, when Manager Martin N. Todd went through on the first car, by electric power all the way. The trip took a little over half an hour, and proved most enjoyable in every way. The track was in splendid condition, and the district opened up was practically a new one from a railway standpoint.

The line from Brantford to Simcoe will not be actually opened for traffic until Tuesday, when the first public service will be given, especially for the Methodist Conference, which is meeting in Simcoe this week. The first car on Tuesday will leave Simcoe at 7.15, arriving in Brantford at 8 o'clock. A two-hour service will be given from Brantford to Simcoe leaving Brantford on the even hour and arriving at Simcoe 45 minutes after the hour. The return trip will be at 15 minutes after the odd hour, arriving in Brantford in time to leave on the even hour again. The reason for the delay at Simcoe is that when the line is opened to Port Dover the full time will be taken in the run to Port Dover and back.

General Manager Todd will go down on the first car on Tuesday morning and a number of local citizens will also take in the trip.

The overhead work to Port Dover is now being rushed, and Manager Todd stated this morning that he expected that it would be completed and the line opened by the end of June. From Brantford to Simcoe is 23½ miles, and from Galt to Simcoe is 43½ miles. The Simcoe station has been completed for some time.

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