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News Of The Day In Brief

[...] Chief O'Neill arrested at Berlin Ernie Hamill, aged 22, formerly of Galt, on a charge of breaking into the Grand Trunk operator's ofice and stealing about $125.

[...] Thirteen wooden bridges will be replaced on the C. P. R. between Vancouver and North Bend, with steel and concrete structures. A total of thirty new bridges will be put up along the same stretch of line.

[...] The Canadian Pacific Railway is planning improvements at Fort William which amount to $3,000,000. The plans include the building of a coal dock, wharf and plant capable of storing 1,000,000 tons of coal. A new cleaning elevator is also planned. The village of Kippewa, at the end of the C. P. R. Temiskaming line, suffered severely by a fire that gutted the business houses. The buildings burned include the C. P. R. station, the large store of Shannon & Fraser, and John Lumsden's large store and hotel.

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