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Guelph Junction.

C. P. R. Must Make Some Changes in Route.

Toronto, April 24.—There was a long argument this morning before the Railway Commission over the application of the C. P. R. for approval of the location from a point in lot six, concession two, township Nassagewawa, near Guelph Junction, southerly 18 miles to to connect with the T., H. & B. in lot 26, township 6, West Flamboro, near Hamilton, and to expropriate certain lands of the G. T. R. This plan runs through an old cemetery and this the chairman of the Commission would not allow so the C. P. R. will prepare new plans to avoid this. The reeve of Flamboro also strenuously objected. The granting of the application as touching the lands of the Grand Trunk is conditional upon the road being so constructed that thirty-five feet clear space will be left between the present nearest rail of the G. T. R. and the boundary fence of the applicants.

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