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The following letter containing the Queen's congratulations on the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, was sent by the Governor-General to the Premier on the 6th Inst.:—

"Dear Sir John Macdonald.—I have received by cable, through the Secretary of State, her Majesty's commands to convey to the people of Canada her congratulations upon the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Her Majesty is pleased to add that she has watched its progress with much interest, and that she hopes for the future success of a work of such value and importance to the Empire. You will, I have no doubt, take steps in order to give publicity to her Majesty's gracious congratulations. Let me conclude this note by expressing the hearty satisfaction with which I have learned that this great national work has been successfully accomplished.

"I am, dear Sir John,
"Yours sincerely,
Signed,        "Lansdowne."
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