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Fast Time.

The summer time card on the Michigan Central railway will probably come into effect on May 10, when considerable change will be made in the speed of passenger trains. During the summer of 1885 the time made on the trunk lines will be the quickest ever known on this continent, and the Michigan Central is determined to keep up with the procession. Twenty-four hours will be the card time between New York and Chicago, and at least one hour and twenty minutes will have to be made up between Chicago and Buffalo by the fastest train now running over the M. C. R., No. 6. Its time between these places is now fifteen hours and fifty minutes. No. 5 will be put on the same time as No. 6, thus making a difference of several hours in its schedule time. There is evidently going to be some fast work done this summer, and the English roads will have to look to their records.

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