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The London Directors of the Great Western Railway, were entertained at a Public Breakfast, at Hamilton, under the auspices of the Corporation of the city, on Monday last, when over one hundred gentlemen were present.

The deputation have this day arrived in Quebec, and staying at the St. Louis Hotel. The names of the party are as follows:—

Mr. Alderman Dakin, President Great Western Railroad Company;

Mr. Thomas Faulconer, Director, and Member of the Stock Exchange London.

Mr. Brackstone Baker, Secretary;

Mr. Thomas Swinyard, General Manager;

Mr. Æmilius Irving, Solicitor.

Mr. Alderman Dakin, in reply to one of the toasts at the Hamilton Banquet says—Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen. The corporation of the city of London will thank you for the handsome recognition, coming from such a distance I need scarcely mention that it was with more or less of personal inconvenience and with some temporary disruption of familiarities, that Mr. Falconer, Mr. Baker and myself undertook our journey to this country. But have to add that we are more than repaid in all by the sense of duty discharged, and the satisfaction we feel with what we have seen while procuring the objects of our visit. You need not doubt that we are highly pleased with your allusion to our able manager, Mr. Swinyard. While marking the progress which the Province and the Great Western Railway, as contributing to the development of its resources, are making, it is with no less satisfaction that they have witnessed the respect in which the manager is held, and that many proofs afforded us that he is indeed the right man in the right place. (Loud and prolonged cheers.) You may judge that what we have seen will insure him our continued support in the discharge of his duties; such a support as he certainly requires in the somewhat difficult circumstances in which he is not unfrequently and unavoidably placed. We represent, as you are aware, some £5,000,000 or so of the company's capital. I find that our works here furnish employment to five or six hundred men. As long as we retain our independence as a company, and I assure you that we are not going to part with it, (vociferous cheers), there will still continue to exist a strong community of interest between your city and ourselves.

It is not by gigantic schemes of railway amalgamation, but by a capable and faithful attention to all the minute details of business that institutions like ours are made to prosper. You will hear with pleasure the statement, which I have myself much pleasure in making, that the freight outwards from Hamilton has increased forty-seven per cent. within the last two years. It is my deliberate opinion, my well-matured conviction, that the course which we have seen it our duty to pursue, is that which will must durably and most efficiently favour the prosperity of Hamilton, as well as that of the Great Western Railway. (Cheers.) It has been with unmixed satisfaction that we have seen that not only our manager, Mr. Swinyard, but the other servants of the Company likewise, are men of conduct and capacity worthy of our confidence. (Loud cheers.) We shall leave to-day with the most pleasureable feelings of satisfaction as to safety of the interests of the Company in their hands. I will conclude by again thanking you, on behalf of Mr. Faulconer and Mr. Baker, as well as of myself, for this very kind and most gratifying demonstration of your regard.

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