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Local Matters.


In Honor of Sir John.—Several of our Conservative citizens went to Ottawa on Wednesday to attend the preliminary funeral services there of Sir John Macdonald. They report a heavy rain during the procession from the house to the train, which drenched everybody. A larger number set out for Kingston to attend the burial of the dead chieftain on Thursday. The Haggart took a load up on Wednesday, and others went by train later on. The crowd in Kingston was immense, and the procession past the remains of the dead Premier in the city hall, where they lay in state, was continuous all day up to the hour of the funeral. Some time before the funeral train passed Perth, the stores were closed, and when it reached the station here a slight halt was made, when the Perth Citizens' Band played "The Dead March in Saul," and a few shots from one of the town field pieces fired off by Mr. John Manion. The C. P. R. station was handsomely draped in black, and over the main enterence was the suggestive party motto, "Our Chieftain at rest," showing that the C. P. R. holds itself to be a Conservative railroad.

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