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It is stated authoritatively that the survey of the country along the north shore of Lake Superior has satisfied the engineers in charter of the work that to build a railway through there is impractical. The ground is broken, rocky and presents difficulties practically insurmountable. Consequently that route for the St. Lawrence branch of the CPR will be abandoned, and it is now contemplated to find an outlet through this peninsula and across the Sault Ste. Marie. Within 150 miles of which latter part the Dominion roads are now extended. The proposed line would sweep around through northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota to a point of junction with the Canadian railway system, of which it is be a factor, somewhere near Winnipeg. A glance on the map will show the reader that Marquette is straight in line of such a road—after perceiving which it should not require a vivid imagination to inspire him with bright dreams of a wonderful future for our city.

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