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A Connection of The DSS&A

On Tuesday the first train over the Duluth & Iron Range railroad entered Duluth. This line connects the Vermillion ore fields with what will be the terminus of The DSS&A, and will make easy communication between the ore fields of the upper peninsula and the new fields. Then, too, a new company has just been organized for the purpose of building a road from some point on the Iron Range between Two Harbors and Tower to a connection with the CPR, the object being to develop iron interests and the country generally north and east of Tower along the extension of the Iron Range R. R. The organization is separate and distinct from the Iron Range R. R., but will act in harmony with the latter. The main line will be built, however, and at an early date, together with branches. The incorporators of the new company are: S. P. Ely of Cleveland, Geo. C. Stone of St. Paul, C. Tower, Jr., R. H. Lee, H. F. Thompson, A. H. Viele, L. P. Beck and W. B. Dixon of Duluth. At the Canadian line this road will connect with the Canadian Pacific, bringing Duluth into all rail connection with Port Arthur and other Canadian points.

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