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Last Spike Office, Craigill B.C., Nov. 7.—Track laying commenced at six o'clock on last half mile of the Canadian Pacific Railway. At nine o'clock the last rails were brought forward and measured for cutting to make the connection. The first rail was cut and placed and the other was left until Vice-President Van Horne and party arrived. Major Rogers made several blows with the heavy sledge on the last rail, helping to cut it. One hundred and twenty feet of rails were then taken up and left on lorries, to be placed when Van Horne's party arrived. Immediately afterwards, the eastern train made its appearance with the magnates on board. The train drew close to the end of track. The party came forward at twenty-two minutes past nine. Everything was in readiness to complete the connection. Hon. D. A. Smith took the maul in hand to drive the last spike. After missing it a few times, he drove it home amid the cheers of all present. Van Horne and party went through to the Pacific coast.

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