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[The Golden Dog—Quebec Postcard]

The Golden Dog—Quebec. Linen postcard published by Librairie Garneau Ltee. The back of the postcard reads:

The famous Golden Dog, a puzzle to so many, occupies its old position on Buade Street where tourists may now see it and try to solve the riddle of its mysterious and defiant inscription. Written in old French, it may be translated as follows:

"I am a dog that gnaws a bone,
I crouch[sic] and gnaw it all alone,
The time will come which is not yet,
When I'll bite him by whom I'm bit."

In demolishing the ancient structure, a corner-stone was found, on which was cut a St. Andrew's Cross between the letters PH, under the date 1735. On this was found a piece of lead bearing the following inscription:

Nicolas Jacques
Dit Philibert,
M'a pose le 26 Aout, 1735

A famous Historical Stone, now to be seen over the main entrance of the Post Office.


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